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Send Valentine's Gifts to Philippines | Online shopping For Philippines We do Delivery Any Where in the Philippines
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How to Make Order

1. Please select the items you want to purchase then click on the top

2.Then You can see  your items, description and prices and order button please click in the order button for the next step

3.Then you can see shop cart items -items description, quantity unity price, total price, add more, recalculate and checkout---for  add more you can add more items, for recalculate you can calculate and checkout button for the next step.

4. For the old customer please fill up only  your last name and your email address then click login

for the new customer fill up all the information for the delivery purposes and customer information

After that please type your own message then click continue for the next step

5. Again click  continue button for the next step

6.Press Continue Button to pay by Credit Card we accept all credit card and Paypal For Western union please select the payment western union then click continue

6. For credit card payment when you click continue you will directed to to complete for your purchase then fill up all the information for your payment then click finalize for your order confirmation.

After finish your order you will receive automation  email from us that you make order and how much your order for confirmation.

for more information please contact with us

Address Corn. C. Jose & Apelo Cruz

Pasay Manila 1300
Phone + 639217482804

Fax +6328523096 /006328539069











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